Welcome to Our College

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to the VDCIT, in the close environs of Hyderabad, India. As MBA College our Mission is to transform the lives of our students and provide the industry with ethical global leaders for the 21st century, who are sensitive towards protecting the environment and are passionate about making significant societal contributions. We aspire to develop business leadership which is capable of building resilient organisations, whilst adhering to the highest standards of Corporate Governance. We will continuously seek to create an enriching educational environment, where innovative thinking becomes a way of life.




Whether you are just beginning your college studies, transferring from another college or university, or searching for an outstanding graduate program, you can explore a world of opportunity at VDCIT.


The academic experience at VDCIT is both challenging and enriching. No matter where you grew up or what type of education you had prior to coming here.

Campus Life

VDCIT provides a complete college experience that will connect you to a spirited student life, a promising career and the opportunities of living .

Industrial Visits

Industry visits play an important role in the VDCIT education programme. Students are taken for industry visits in and around India where they interact with the company people.